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Not Guilty Jury Verdict

Mr Komie is the best of the best. I had to fire two other attornies before finding Mr Komie so I got some experiences that I never would have wanted but there I was. I was referred to Mr Komie by another attorney. Once he was with me in court the difference was immense compared to other attornies. Often I felt I was up against the system or "the man", which I was. Mr Komie took on that system and beat it. We won. One never knows for sure what can happen in court but we won impressively. Mr Komie knows the law, the history, the ins-and-outs. He knows how to communicate and how to influence people. That includes knowing how to influence judges and juries. Yay! I felt great confidence having Mr Komie with me and that feeling of confidence was both deserved by Mr Komie and that confidence proved out with the result of my case. I was very involved with decision making in my case but trust me, one can put his or her trust in Mr Komie. He was always at least 3 steps ahead of me in thinking and strategy. My case was very high level and Mr Komie was a God send for sure. He saved me.

Mr Komie's attorney assistant was Mark Belekon. He worked hard (everybody did) and hustled. He was an integral part of the team and was also very trusted and helpful and cared.

The entire office staff is fantastic. Mary is at the front desk; she is super on top of things. She always knows what is happening; she always kept me informed and brings things down to a ground level in a super appreciated way. As well as the above, Mary is friendly and fun to talk to.

I also want to thank Joy. Joy was kind of the behind the scenes glue. She is very knowledgable and more than helpful.

I know I'm missing somebody because the entire staff cares. I could feel that.

I and my family thank you, thank you, thank you Komie and Associates.-Casey Kalicki

Job well done!

I was busted driving my car through Blue Island, IL smoking a doobie. I need medical marihuana because I have a herniated spine. The pain is excruciating so I took a smoke to kill the pain and allowed me to get through the day. The sergeant who busted me said the smoke was coming out the window. He put me in handcuffs and found my edible gummies and ginger snaps. So I went down for a felony. To top it off he threw in an intoxicated driving. I was up for Manufacture and Delivery plus DUI plus Driving while Smoking. I contacted NORML, they recommended Stephen Komie. I cannot tell you what a wonderful job he did busting the fuzz. When all was said and done the felony was gone, the driving while intoxicated was gone, and I left the courthouse after pleading guilty to misdemeanor possession of edibles Komie saved my life. So I am still able to get a job, earn money and have a career. If you’re busted by the cops, you need Komie!-Ted

I would like to thank you for everything you did for us during the course of this process. In the court ordered group sessions I attend on a weekly basis and listening to the experiences of the other individuals I realize how fortunate I was to have retained your services and how much worse the outcome could have been.-George G. George

Christopher Duncan

Ripped off at O'Hare Field

In March of 2019 I was traveling to Los Angeles for the purpose of starting up a new business. I had the support of my friends who agreed to be involved with my new business. While transferring planes in Chicago I was accosted by Illinois police officers who without my consent took my luggage and seized my entire working capital for my new business. They tried to frame me by claiming it was drug money. In fact, all of the money had been earned legally as part of the organization of my new business. I immediately hired Stephen Komie to get my money back.

Mr. Komie went to federal court and pursued a motion to suppress. When faced with the overwhelming evidence of an unconstitutional seizure of my capital, the government's case collapsed. I received 100 percent of my money back and the court awarded Mr. Komie attorney's fees. Although it took several years, I am very happy to have received my capital back so I may continue to support my family and develop a new business. I am thrilled to say I received all my capital back.

Thank you, Mr. Komie and your team, for never doubting me and fighting all the way to the end to recover my hard-earned business capital. You guys are simply the best. -Christopher Duncan

Stephen Komie made the overwhelming process of fighting my case very easy. Communication from his office was both timely and professional. Every meeting with Mr. Komie had a clear purpose and in the end he was able to reach a deal that I approved and am happy with. If I ever need a criminal defense lawyer again, I know who I'm calling. 10/10 would definitely recommend Komie and Associates.-Brandon

My baby taken by DCFS

In January of 2021 I was blessed with the birth of my first child Millie. Within 30 days Millie suffered an ischemic brain bleed. We rushed her to Edward Hospital. They were unable to provide an explanation of the cause of our daughter's unexplained bleed. Edward immediately summoned DCFS who threatened to take away our child. Edward Hospital unable to care for our daughter, transferred her to Lutheran General. At Lutheran General DCFS went into overdrive to seize our child. We were accused of child abuse, “shaken baby.” My parents suggested I get a lawyer. Then I found Mr. Stephen Komie. In our first meeting he discussed ischemic brain bleeds vs. blunt trauma and related injuries to infants. He explained the legal procedures, but most importantly he gave me the courage to go against the doctors at Lutheran General. We demanded our baby be transferred to Lurie Children’s Hospital to seek the true cause of her brain leaking blood into her skull. Five months later DCFS tried to take custody of our baby and remove our baby from our lives to a foster home. Mr. Komie convinced the authorities the case was an ischemic bleed of the brain and not caused by foul play.

Mr. Komie’s immediate intervention on our behalf led to the return of our precious child Millie.

God answered our prayers in our darkest hours by leading to Mr. Komie. Millie is home now, thanks to Mr. Komie.

Long story short. DEA @ Union Station took 59k in cash from me around the end of January 2019 I called around for attorneys and after talking to Mr. Komie felt like he was the most genuine out of the bunch. After some research I also noticed he had experience in this specific field of seizures. Another plus was that he took my case on contingency.

Less than a year later, December 2019, Mr. Komie had received my money back and I got a check in the mail for my share. I am very grateful for Mr. Komie’s expertise and his amicable staff.

Thank you! You are truly appreciated.

May you all have a Merry Solstice & a Happy New Year -Victor

Stephen Komie and his Associate Eric Anderson helped me to reduce what would have been my first felony to a misdemeanor. Initially, I had hired a different lawyer for my case . He did the standard lawyer thing where he went in the courtroom and just asked for the best offer from the State's Attorney. They offered me a felony with no jail time. That lawyer told me this was the best offer I would ever get and to absolutely take it. However, I knew I needed someone to take a deeper look into my case and truly analyze it, and I didn't feel that first lawyer was doing that. I needed someone with more knowledge, I needed someone who cared, and who would do their best to protect me. That's when, by God's hand, I found Mr. Komie. Before I switched lawyers and hired Mr. Komie, I felt helpless, I felt lost, and I was stressed constantly. The moment I stepped into Mr. Komie's office for the first time for the consultation, I saw that I was dealing with someone who knew what they were doing. Mr. Komie explained everything to me in detail from A to Z, actually calmed my nerves (which I thought was impossible), and even gave me life advice. He truly cares about his clients. He cares about us as human beings who are in a tough situation that he can help, not just as a the next customer, as so many other attorneys do in my experience. I hired Mr. Komie on the spot, which I was not expecting to do, I thought I was going to do more shopping.

When Mr. Komie stepped up when the Judge called my name during his first court appearance, the Judge's attitude was completely different than before. Before, the Judge wanted my case moved along, and was getting irritated, and with Mr. Komie, the Judge showed respect and actually started to listen. During the entire process, if I had any questions or concerns, I could call the office and Mary, the receptionist, would always answer and assure me that Mr. Komie or Mr. Anderson would call back soon if she couldn't answer my question herself. She is amazing. Mr. Komie and Mr. Anderson fought for me for a year, and after all their hard work, cas I stated before, the case was dropped down to a misdemeanor, and I ended up taking the deal. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Komie and his entire staff. They have earned it. They will help you if need it. THEY are the lawyers you want on your side. I am very grateful to have met them and if anything ever happens to my friends and family where they need legal assistance, Mr. Komie and his associates will be the only ones to call.-Sam

Father Frank Phillips

I want to express my appreciation, gratitude, and thanksgiving for my lawyer Stephen Komie who guided me through the process. As we walked together he provided counsel and advice which allowed me to stay the course, keep my head up, and seek my prayers for justice. -Father Frank Phillips

What Our Clients Say About Us What Our Clients Say About Us
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