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Over the course of his 40-year career, Attorney Stephen M. Komie has won numerous victories for clients in state, federal, and international trials and appeals. His record of success in a wide variety of practice areas demonstrates his ability to help his clients achieve the best outcome in their case. Some of his key victories include:

Man Acquitted of Murder and Sexual Assault Charges

In a criminal case in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, a jury found that Mr. Komie's client was not guilty of charges of First Degree Intentional Homicide and First Degree Sexual Assault.

Eight Years for Cocaine Dealer

A Plainfield man who had pled guilty to cocaine distribution was facing 20 years of imprisonment. Mr. Komie argued that his drug addiction was the cause of his crime and that he had beat his addiction while in custody. He also presented 28 witnesses to demonstrate community support for a lenient sentence. The sentence was reduced to eight years, with credit for two years time served.

Marijuana Dealer Gets One Year Probation

A man who had been charged with growing and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute was facing a possible five-year prison sentence. Mr. Komie showed that his client had used marijuana to treat medical issues, including drug addiction and post-traumatic stress. His sentence was reduced to one year of probation, which will allow him to pursue a college education and obtain employment.

Milwaukee Heroin Dealer Gets Two-Year Sentence

A man convicted of distributing heroin was facing a prison sentence of more than 10 years, but Mr. Komie presented evidence regarding his client's efforts providing relief to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and his need to provide for his two special needs children, as well as an erroneous DUI conviction. The sentence was reduced to two years of imprisonment.

Seized Life Savings Recovered After 15 Year Legal Battle

In 2017, Mr. Komie was able to help his client Shane Kolody recover over $300,000, which was seized by federal drug agents in 2002. Mr. Kolody was never charged with a crime, and no drugs were ever recovered. Through Mr. Komie's unceasing advocacy, Mr. Kolody was able to overcome the agents' improper use of asset forfeiture.

Illinois Supreme Court Rules Against Prosecutor's Illegal Investigative Team

In 2017, Mr. Komie won a case before the Illinois Supreme Court involving the legality of a team of investigators that Illinois state prosecutor Brian Towne had created to patrol the interstate highway in LaSalle County, Illinois in order to intercept and arrest suspected drug traffickers. The court ruled in Mr. Komie's favor, finding that by creating his own investigative police squad, Mr. Towne had clearly overstepped his authority.

Felony DUI Conviction Overturned on Appeal

In the 2006 case of The People of the State of Illinois vs. Cox, Mr. Komie successfully appealed a Felony DUI conviction after showing that his client had been charged under a statute that the Illinois Supreme Court had previously declared unconstitutional. The Illinois Appellate Court reversed the conviction.

Rockford Man Found Not Guilty of Murdering a Police Officer

In 2002, Mr. Komie represented John Carroccia, who was charged with the murder of a police officer in Hampshire, Illinois. By demonstrating a lack of evidence and raising questions about the culpability of the officer's wife in his death, Mr. Komie was able to show that the prosecution's case did not meet the standard of reasonable doubt, and Mr. Carroccia was acquitted of all charges.

Teacher Acquitted of Sex Crime Charges

In 2000, Mr. Komie successfully defended Cook County teacher Carl Palmer, who was accused of having sex with a 14 year old student. By finding inconsistencies in the accuser's story and demonstrating his client's good character through the testimony of multiple witnesses, Mr. Komie was able to show that the prosecution was unable to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and Mr. Palmer was acquitted.

Appeals Court Orders Improperly Seized Funds Returned

In the landmark 1995 case of U.S. v. $506,231.00, Mr. Komie argued to have his client's assets returned after they had been seized by the Chicago Police Department. The U.S. Court of Appeals overturned a lower court's ruling and ordered seized funds to be returned to Mr. Komie's client. The Court stated, "[w]e reiterate that the government may not seize money, even half a million dollars, based on its bare assumption that most people do not have huge sums of money lying about, and if they do, they must be involved in narcotics trafficking or some other sinister activity."

Charges Dropped Against Day Care Operator Accused of Child Molestation

In 1989, Mr. Komie represented Sandra Fabiano, a day-care center operator in Palos Hills, Illinois who was accused of sex crimes against multiple preschool-aged children. Mr. Komie was able to demonstrate his client's innocence by pointing out inconsistencies in the prosecution's evidence, calling the motives of the child's drug-addicted mother into question, and showing that police used improper investigation procedures. After an acquittal for all charges in the initial case, subsequent charges were dropped.

A Dedicated Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense Lawyer On Your Side

Mr. Komie's record demonstrates his ability to help you mount a successful defense, no matter the severity of the charges against you. If you have been charged with a crime, contact our Chicago law office today at 312-263-2800 to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients in Chicago, Springfield, Peoria, Rockford, and throughout Illinois and the United States.

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