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Lawyer Defending Clients Charged with Mortgage Fraud in Illinois and Throughout the U.S.

Following the subprime mortgage crisis of the early 21st century, which caused a great deal of financial upheaval across the United States, state and federal prosecutors are becoming more and more aggressive in their pursuit of convictions for mortgage fraud. These charges come with a high level of scrutiny, and a conviction can result in severe consequences, including steep fines and significant jail time. If you have been accused of mortgage fraud, you need a skilled, experienced attorney on your side to protect your rights and advocate for you throughout the legal process.

Attorney Stephen M. Komie has more than 40 years of experience successfully defending clients against a wide variety of criminal charges, including multiple acquittals in criminal fraud trials. With his knowledge of the financial investigation methods used by prosecutors and a rigorous understanding of state and federal laws, he provides clients with the confidence that they will be able to achieve the ideal outcome in their case.

Defending Against Mortgage Fraud Charges

The attorneys of Komie and Associates can provide an aggressive defense for anyone charged with mortgage or real estate fraud, including:

  • Home buyers - We can help clients demonstrate that they did not knowingly falsify or fail to disclose information when applying for a home loan.
  • Real estate agents - We will defend against claims that real estate agents provided inaccurate information, inflated the value of property, or intended to embezzle funds from their clients.
  • Mortgage brokers - We can help defend against accusations of predatory lending practices and show that a broker did not knowingly violate state or federal regulations.
  • Property flippers - It is not illegal to sell a recently purchased home that has increased in value due to improvements made to the property or fluctuating market value. In these cases, we can help clients show that appraisals were not falsified and property values were not overestimated.

A Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer On Your Side

If you have been charged with mortgage fraud or real estate fraud, it is important to begin building a defense as quickly as possible. The skilled and dedicated attorneys of Komie and Associates will thoroughly investigate all relevant financial records, ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process, and aggressively advocate for your defense. Contact a Chicago mortgage fraud defense attorney at 312-263-2800 to schedule a free consultation. We serve clients in Chicago, Peoria, Springfield, LaSalle, Quincy, Rockford, and throughout Illinois and the United States.

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