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The financial workings of today's businesses are often complex, and a company's books can seem impenetrable to those who are not intimately familiar with modern accounting practices. Unfortunately, this complexity, when coupled with the prevalence of high-profile financial crimes in the 21st century, has led many to believe that any company which turns a profit is guilty of malfeasance.

If you have been accused of corporate fraud, you need a defense attorney who is experienced in the legal and financial issues involved in the investigation and prosecution of these cases. With over 40 years of experience defending clients in a wide variety of criminal cases, including acquittals in multiple high-profile fraud trials, Attorney Stephen M. Komie understands the best methods of defense against corporate fraud charges.

Elements of Fraud

There are two types of fraud cases: criminal and civil. In criminal fraud cases, the defendant is accused of breaking the law by committing a crime such as wire fraud, mail fraud, or racketeering, and the punishment can include fines and jail time, as well as restitution to victims. A defendant can be charged with criminal fraud even if nobody was actually harmed; the prosecution only needs to prove that a defendant intended to commit a misrepresentation of facts which would result in a monetary gain.

In civil fraud cases, the victim of the alleged fraud will bring a civil lawsuit against the defendant, and they will seek to recover compensation for the damages that resulted from the defendant's alleged actions. In these cases, the plaintiff will need to show that the defendant intentionally misrepresented a material fact with the intent of inducing the plaintiff to act, and that the plaintiff suffered damages as a result of the defendant's misrepresentation.

The High Stakes of Corporate Fraud Cases

When you are accused of corporate fraud, you can not only expect to face legal repercussions, but you will also have to deal with the effects these allegations will have on your company's reputation and your ability to do business, all of which can have a major impact on your bottom line. In these cases, it is incredibly important to have an experienced attorney on your side who can help you address the charges and minimize their effects on your business and your career.

The attorneys of Komie and Associates are highly skilled in defending clients charged with corporate crimes, and we will thoroughly investigate the facts in your case and present a sophisticated, streamlined response to the charges. We will work to uncover and evaluate evidence and ensure that records or documents which were obtained through illegal search and seizure are inadmissible in court.

Our years of experience successfully defending clients against charges of corporate fraud has brought us the respect of prosecutors, regulators, and the courts, and we can put this experience and respect to work for you as we help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Contact an Illinois corporate fraud defense attorney today at 312-263-2800 to schedule a free consultation. We serve clients in Chicago, Peoria, Springfield, Bloomington, Belleville, Winnebago, and throughout Illinois and the United States.

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