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Milwaukee Heroin Dealer Gets Two-Year Sentence

Chicago: In the United States District Court today, Judge Robert Gettleman sentenced David Lozado to two years imprisonment for distributing more than a thousand grams of heroin. David Lozado of Milwaukee had pled guilty to purchasing more than a thousand grams of heroin with the intent to distribute in the Milwaukee area. At his sentencing hearing, his attorney, Stephen M. Komie, presented evidence which painted Lozado in a different light. Lozado had travelled to Puerto Rico after “Hurricane Maria” to work for the American Red Cross in providing disaster relief to the tens of thousands of homeless Puerto Ricans. Komie argued that Lozado’s relief efforts were critical in determining an appropriate sentence and offsetting the need for punishment. Lozado was facing more than 10 years in prison. Government attorney Lindsey Jenkins argued that Lozado deserved 10 years in prison for peddling heroin. Lozado was facing a 20-year maximum sentence. However, Komie was successful in convincing the court to reduce Lozado’s criminal history as a result of an erroneously entered conviction for Driving Under the Influence. Judge Gettleman acknowledged the mistake on the criminal history and reduced Lozado’s guideline presumptive sentence so he was eligible to have a reduced guideline sentence of 78 to 97 months.

Komie called Lozado’s wife as a witness to testify as to having two special needs children at home needing the financial support provided by her husband’s work as a barber for family support.

In sentencing the Defendant, Judge Gettleman remarked, “The need to deter others from the offense required a two-year sentence,” while balancing Lozado’s charitable service/good works in providing disaster relief to stricken Puerto Ricans.

Outside the courtroom, Mr. and Mrs. Lozado expressed their gratitude to Judge Gettleman for his light sentence, and Lozado hugged his lawyer Mr. Komie, with tears streaming down his face.

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