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Gold Digger Ex-Husband's Maintenance Terminated

Illinois Attorney Finds Ex-Husband Cohabiting; Get's Alimony Stopped

A prominent North Shore physician was ordered to pay $4,000.00 in maintenance each month to her gold-digging and estranged husband.

The husband had spent years living off this award while he moved to California and traveled throughout the world all without finding any need to find employment and support himself. Then the physician hired Komie and Associates.

The attorneys of Komie and Associates aggressively pursued the truth behind the soon-to-be ex-husband's behavior since the couple's separation. They followed him to California and found him living with a new paramour.

Under Illinois law, cohabitation on a continuing, conjugal basis terminates maintenance. Not only did they discover the grounds to terminate maintenance, but they filed the Petition to Terminate Maintenance and successfully prosecuted the same by using the authority of the California courts to bring the paramour to Illinois to testify at trial.

The gold-digger now must work to provide for his own support.

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